For us to provide the most efficient accessible transportation service, Wheelchair Accessible Transit would like to offer customers the following helpful instructions:

  • When booking over the phone, please quote your method of payment. If you’re using an account, please quote your account number.
  • For hourly rate trips, please provide an approximate duration and the vehicle will wait for you at a location of your choice.
  • When booking online, remember to have your account number and password ready.
  • Requests for larger vehicles accommodating multiple wheelchairs should be made at the time of booking.
  • For your convenience and ours, please book your transportation at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Please indicate alternate entrance pick-ups at the time of booking.
  • When booking, be sure to quote specific pick-up times for all destinations.
  • In the event of trip cancellation, please provide adequate notice.
  • If booking for same-day travel, please allow for flexible pick-up times.
  • Trips cancelled within one hour of the scheduled pick-up time will be charged at a full price.
  • In the event of unknown return times, please request our “WILL CALL” service.
  • Trips in which the customer is not able to show will be charged at a full price.
  • For wait and return trips, please inform the dispatcher at the time of booking.
  • Customers that force our drivers to wait more than 10 minutes will be charged a waiting time.


  • Can you transport more than one wheelchair?
    Yes, we can transport multiple wheelchairs depending on the size and the positioning. This would minimize the number of walk-ons allowed.

  • What other costs are involved with your service?
    We charge a nominal price for additional wheelchairs and for stopovers. We also charge for a waiting time if it is required by the customer.

  • How does your shuttle service work?
    If you are using our shuttle service in Toronto, we charge for a minimum of two hours. We also give a discount of 10% for services that are over five hours. Booking a trip outside of Toronto would require a charge to the destination and then an hourly service. There would also be a charge to go back.

  • Can I pick which type of vehicle I would like to use?
    Yes, as long as it is available and works within your booking times.

  • Is there a different cost associated with the different vehicles I would like to use?
    No, we have the same prices for all wheelchair accessible vehicles except for our wheelchair taxis which offer on demand service and costs less then pre-booking. Please be aware that we may not have vehicles readily available, but if we do, we will gladly send an on demand wheelchair taxi.

  • How far our of Toronto can you go?
    We transport anywhere in Ontario. However, our company is based out of Toronto. If you are booking outside of Toronto and are going a short distance, we charge as if you went from Toronto to your destination.

  • Can anyone book a yellow school bus as a Charter?
    Absolutely. Our new 20 and 29 passenger buses will have the ability to provide the Charter service. For prices, please don’t hesitate to call us.

  • What are your hours of operation?
    Our office is open 24 hours a day based on pre-booked orders.

  • Do you provide discounts?
    We offer a monthly promotion, and we will provide service to specific groups and large booking requests. These include various groups and organizations whose needs we strive to meet. We also strive to have a price that is fair and in most cases better than any competitor. Our vehicles are relatively new, properly licensed and registered with Ministry of Transportation and the City of Toronto. We are the only company to have drivers endorsed by the City of Toronto Municipal Licensing and Standards.

  • Can we book online?
    Yes, in fact once you book online you will be provided with clear information and our customer service representatives will call you back to confirm the reservation as well.

  • Do you do group outings?
    Yes, in fact group outings are more cost effective because you fill the vehicle and the cost per person goes down.

  • Who is your competition?
    We have very little competition.Our service and commitments surpass individuals and small companies who use old vehicles and have drivers that are not properly trained or endorsed by anyone. We call them “gypsies” or “Mom and Pop” operations.

  • Do you work with TTC (Toronto Transit Commission)?
    We have worked under contract with TTC Wheel-Trans in the past. At this time we are not under any contractual agreement with the TTC Wheel-Trans, but anything can happen in the future.

  • What costs are involved in opening an account?
    There are no costs, all we need is your billing information and that’s all. You will have an invoice mailed to you at the end of each month if you use our service.

  • What method of payment do you take?
    We take cash, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If you have an account, a personal or company cheque is standard payment.

  • Can I book trips to and from Pearson Airport?
    Yes. We transport customers on a daily basis to and from the airport. Booking to the airport is the same as booking any type of trip. When booking from the airport to home, there is an additional $10 airport fee for our vehicle to wait for you in the airport compound (with all the taxis and limousines).

  • Do you need an account to use this service?
    No you do not. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and cash. If you wanted to set-up an account you can (there is no cost for doing this).