September 25, 2013

Wheelchair Accessible Transit Inc. – Disabled Transportation Services

Getting around a city isn’t always easy. Buses are often behind schedule, and taxis can be hard to find when you really need one. An even bigger challenge can be getting around when you are disabled. Public transportation is not always designed to accommodate people with special considerations, and even the vehicles that are equipped, have very limited space. Luckily, there are other options if you are looking for disable transportation services.

At Wheelchair Accessible Transit, we are dedicated to making sure that everyone can get around the city with ease. We provide safe, comfortable, and affordable transportation services for everyone. With over 230 vehicles in our fleet, we can always guarantee that you will arrive on time with every consideration met. Our vehicles can accommodate up to six wheelchairs along with a number of other passengers.

We never take advantage of your disability. We believe that you should have the same access to affordable transportation as everyone else. Our vehicles are properly equipped to make sure you can board and ride safely to your destination. Our disabled transportation services are piloted by friendly and safe drivers who specialize in handling people with special considerations. When you go to ride the public bus, train, or even a taxi, your driver isn’t trained to work with your needs. At Wheelchair Accessible Transit, we understand that passengers can have many different needs, and it’s not always possible to determine those needs just by looking at someone.

Our disabled transportation services exceed the standards set by the city of Toronto and province of Ontario. We take every precaution to make sure your ride is safe and comfortable. By updating our vehicles frequently and providing top of the line training to our staff, we can guarantee that you will get to your destination with a smile.

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