July 19, 2013

Three Questions Answered About Wheelchair Lifts For Vans

When you shop for a vehicle to transport you and your wheelchair, there are a number of different factors to consider. Just as the type of auto mobile is important, you must also think about the lift placed on the vehicle. These autos come with all types of wheel chair lifts that have their own features and advantages. Different designs can work better for different types of vans and different types of wheel chairs. You might also have certain vehicle entry preferences that one lift will give you over the others. Before you commit to an accessible vehicle, it is important to ask a few questions about the wheel chair lift. Read on for a few of the most pressing issues to consider before you make your big purchase.

1. Where can the lift be mounted on the vehicle?

Different types and brands of wheel chair lifts can be mounted on different spots on the vehicle. For example, some wheel chair lifts can be mounted from the inside of the van. The lift then folds out from the inside. In other cases, the wheel chair lift might be mounted underneath the vehicle. This is seen as beneficial, as the lift is out of sight and out of the way. It allows the driver and passengers in the van to use all of the interior space. Lifts can also be mounted to the side or rear doors of the auto mobile. Before you purchase a handicap van, you need to consider where you would like the wheel chair lift to be mounted.

2. How is the lift operated?

One of the most common questions you may have about wheel chair lifts on accessible vans is just how you will be able to operate them. Different brands come with different means to lower and lift the wheel chair. In most cases, wheel chair lifts are fully electric in operation. Some lifts are controlled with a standard handheld control. Some come not just with standard handheld controls, but also an on-lift control and a remote control. Other wheel chair lifts are operated using an internal swing door operator or a sliding door operator.

3. Does every lift fit every wheel chair?

It might seem like an obvious question, but not every wheel chair lift is going to fit every type of chair. Your wheel chair might be heavier than another type or brand. It is important to know if the lift has a weight limit. If your type of chair is particularly heavy in addition to your body weight, some lifts might not be able to handle the weight. It is also necessary to ask your handicap vans dealer about the measurements of the wheel chair lift. It needs to fit your type of chair for height and width. You would hate to purchase a vehicle that doesn’t fit your wheel chair. If you think you might change brands or features, it is important to select a lift that works for a number of different types of chairs.

Casey works in a group home for those with physical disabilities, where she has to think about how to get her patients from A to B constantly. She knows how difficult it can be to choose the right accessible van for different needs, and wants to help others learn what to look for.

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