October 8, 2014

Seniors, Keep The Stress Out Of Regular Doctor’s Visits

As Canadians get older, they are vastly more likely to see the doctor regularly — or undergo minor (or sometimes even major) surgical procedures. It can be somewhat challenging to adjust to this increased and/or heavy-handed healthcare. There are steps, however, that aging Canadians can take to make doctors visits or minor surgeries much easier and much less stressful for everyone involved.

Anticipate Appointments And Plan Accordingly

Doctors appointments — and especially surgery — should not come as a surprise, so don’t act like it’s one! There are certain things that you should consider prior to minor and major surgeries (and they’ll get you brownie points if you consider doing them in preparation for doctor’s appointments, too). Prior to surgery, for example, do whatever you can to stop smoking, keep alcohol intake to a minimum, and review all of your current medications (and how they may interact with other drugs used during surgery).

Let Your Doctor Know If You Have Any Special Needs (And Well in Advance, Too!)

As many as 155,000 Canadians are currently using wheelchairs, with approximately 5% being seniors or Canadians ages 65 and up. Some patients require public transportation and accommodations for a wheelchair. With due notice, this should not be a problem. Elderly transportation services, bus wheelchair transit, wheelchair friendly taxis, disability taxi services, and handicap van conversions are all options available to you. Talk to your doctor about whether bus wheelchair transit or wheelchair accessible taxis are best.

Be On Time, And Cooperate With Your Doctor

Being courteous to your doctor will save you headaches and eliminate any unnecessary tension. Unfortunately, doctors today are extremely busy — and often overbooked. Be on time for appointments, and save your doctor time (and yourself time!) by being frank whenever possible. If you forgot to take your medication for two nights before realizing it, let your doctor know. It’s not just about being honest. It’s about your health, too!

Keep surgeries and doctor’s appointments routine and stress-free, with some common sense. Arrive to appointments on time, don’t smoke before major surgeries, and talk to your doctor about any special needs or accommodations that may be necessary.

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