June 7, 2013

Reinvention of the the Wheelchair Making Travel Easier

One of the biggest obstacles to wheelchair transportation is just how cumbersome the chair can be to fold and store in a car trunk or seat. Addressing that issue is Morph Wheels, a collapsible wheel for use on a wheelchair frame that has been showcased at many 2013 Abilities Expo locations.

Nick Scott, AKA the legend of wheelchair bodybuilding has fully endorsed Morph Wheel. During demonstrations at the Expo in Los Angeles, Scott generated excitement as he collapsed and expanded the wheel, showing the awed crowd the ease and speed at which it can be done.

The idea for a collapsible bicycle wheel was originated by a graduate student in London but Maddak, Inc. realized the potential for use on the wheelchair and set about travelling the US, fostering feedback from the wheelchair community.

The result is a finely tuned product that is portable, completely safe and superbly engineered. The Morph Wheel has passed the standards for impact, curb drop and double drum set by RESNA/ANSI and is guaranteed to not fold while riding. The solid tire can be changed without the use of special tools, while folded to almost half its size, making it possible to maintain in a tight space, perhaps while travelling in a vehicle. The Morph Wheel fits all chairs that have a quick release axle.

Current retail price is $950 (24”) and can be obtained by going to
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