November 29, 2013

Affordable Disabled Transportation Options

Being disabled doesn’t mean having to spend a fortune on new means of transportation; all it means is that you’ll have to look around to find which services can get you from A to B with the least cost to you.

Public Transportation Options

You’ll be happy to know that most forms of public transportation offer at least a few vehicle models that are wheelchair accessible, and are still considered affordable disabled transportation options. Buses will usually have designated wheelchair areas that not only provide adequate space for you and your wheelchair but also offers locks that keep your wheelchair from slipping around during the trip. Trains, as always, have plenty of flat space for wheelchair users, and even trams and rail cars allow for passengers with wheelchairs.

Private Transportation Options

When you’re in a pinch, there are still affordable disabled transportation options available to you. Many taxi services now have at least a handful of vehicles in their fleet that are specifically made to hold disabled passengers. This is especially useful if you have a wheelchair that isn’t able to be stowed away. Just make sure to ask for a wheelchair accessible taxi when putting in the order.

You can also choose to enlist the services of a private transportation company that caters specifically to the handicapped. Just explain the nature of your disability and they will arrange private transportation for you to wherever you need to go, even if you need to get out into the countryside.

The world is still very much open to you if you’re disabled, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to get around, either. Public transportation has adapted to accommodate disabled citizens, and those that don’t are easily replaced through the help of private transportation services. Just remember: there’s always a cheap way to get to where you need to go.

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